The town of Klang was established in 1643 and it is located about 32 kilometres from the Kuala Lumpur city. Port Klang comprises of three ship-berthing terminals namely, West Port, North Port and South Port which collectively, makes it the largest marine port in the country. It is also one of the most developed marine ports in the region and plays a prominent role in the town’s economic development.

Klang is one of the oldest royal twons in the country and all its important royal state functions are held at the Alam Shah Palace.

It has its own distinctive tourist spots, historical monuments and buildings bearing the rich cultural architecture of many races which make the royal town very attractive. It is also a fusin of the modern with that of a bygone era and is definitely an interesting tourist attraction.






The author, How BL was born and grown up in a Malays Village called Kampong Raja Uda. He was shifted to Pandamaran at his age of 10 and since 2002 he resided at Taman Desa Maju, next to Taman Chi Liung, Klang.With this Weblog, he wish to let more people explore and know about KLANG. Hope this little effort will also helps to create KLANG a better place to live and invite more friends to visit KLANG from now and then…


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